Catie Curtis and the best place to find inexpensive treasures

How to teach your kids not to be materialistic? Catie Curtis‘ parents set many interesting examples, including taking their children to the town dump and saying,”Pick something out, anything you want.” As she recalls, it was a great teaching moment because they’d “actually find incredibly beautiful things.”

Among the beautiful things Curtis has found has been material for songs like “My Dad’s Yard,” which describes her father’s habit of collecting things and giving them away to people who might need them. As she says in the song,

So if you need something when times get hard
You can probably find it in my dad’s yard
And if you need hope if you’re coming apart
You can surely find it in my dad’s heart

Listen in to our discussion of her songwriting inspirations.

Singer Songwriter Catie Curtis will be in Columbus on January 8 with Six String Concerts.


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