Andrew Miller: no names changed to protect the (not-so) innocent

Andrew Miller

Most of us have done something we’d like to forget: that time you had a few too many and sang Karaoke or that time you demonstrated a dance move and split your pants.

Columbus, Ohio, blogger and journalist Andrew Miller’s book If Only the Names Were Changed takes bad behavior several steps further.

A veteran of flash fiction, reviews, articles, and poetry, Miller shares with readers his checkered background with a jaundiced eye towards his own choices.

The book starts with this Author’s Note: “I’m an alcoholic. I’m manic-depressive. I say this only to alert the reader that I am, in fact, not willing to suggest that what you are about to read is always the factual truth; or even always what an unbiased judge might refer to as fair and balanced.”

Listen in for my talk with Andrew Miller and then attend his book launch on August 18.

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