WCBE is putting the FUN in fund drive

It’s that time again: time to reach into your wallets and purses and neighbor’s couch cushions and help support central Ohio’s NPR station, WCBE!

In today’s show, I talk with Greg Moebius, General Manager at WCBE. We discuss the theme of the spring fund drive–community–and how WCBE supports a myriad of community programs. In Greg’s words:

We are a voice for local organizations and nonprofits, promoting events, goods and services that our community partners have to offer. I’ll give you a good example of WCBE being a strong community partner. Every December, we invite people to donate to the radio station, and for every donation that we receive during that month, we will donate three pounds of fresh produce to the middle Ohio food collective. And we tie in DNO Produce here in Columbus as a partner for the fresh cut food drive program. This year, we collected 1600 pounds of fresh produce to donate to the middle Ohio food collective and we just fulfill that within the past couple of weeks. And that’s because of the generosity on the part of WCBE members and listeners.

Greg Moebius

So donate what you can at WCBE.org!

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