How to have a Big Voice through voice acting with Ron Allan

Boy with megaphone wishing he was voice acting
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Ron Allan from Big Voice Productions in central Ohio has performed and taught voice acting throughout the Midwest and has over 30 years of experience. As he said during our discussion, “somewhere, right now, this minute, I’m on a radio commercial, a TV commercial, an industrial narration, a phone message, or an audio book.”

We discussed the background needed for voice acting and the potential careers that are available. Currently, there’s less demand for the traditional announcer voice and more for conversational voices, or as Ron put it: roles from “a grandfather to a child, and any age in between: the soccer mom, the stereotypes, the football coach in the locker room, the cop, the lawyer, the professor. There’s tons of roles to be played, even voices of aliens and animals.” Is there a voice acting role for you? Check out our discussion and decide for yourself.

 [Voice actors are] the man and woman behind the green curtain.

Ron Allan, Big Voice Productions

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