Richard Shindell: Throwing stuff at the wall

 Singer songwriter Richard Schindel returns to perform at Six String Concerts on Saturday, February 24th, 2024. We spoke recently about his latest endeavors.

Shindell described his recent past as, “I’ve been living here in Buenos Aires and… I’ve been writing poetry. I recently started a substack project, which comes out once a week, which is very eclectic.” The eclectic nature of his Substack is evident in the breadth of topics and genres Shindell covers, from short essays to photographs to even recipes, such as his mother’s sweet potato pone recipe. As he puts it, it functions to “broaden [his] creative practice and just throw a lot of stuff at the wall.”

Listen in to hear more about what stuff sticks to the wall, what falls off, and why we each have night-driving anxiety. Then, get tickets for his Feb 24 concert.

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  1. MQ Murphy says:

    Thanks for this interview. Richard Shindell is one of my favorite songwriters. He’ll be in Tuckerton, New Jersey on the 21st and I’m bringing a couple of musician friends to hear him. I really liked hearing about the process of writing “The Deer on the Parkway” – a great song, one of my favorites. Late in life here, I’ve started songwriting and a similar thing happens to me – a phrase will ‘appear’ out of who knows where – like a found object – and I’ll try to create a context that supports and extends it. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

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