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I grew up near a tiny town outside of Toledo, Ohio, and attended the University of Toledo for my BA in chemistry and biology. Before graduation, I vowed never to work in chemistry (a sentiment my chemistry instructors heartily endorsed) and then I spent the next four years doing benchtop chemistry (chemical separation of brain tumors – a job every bit as fun as it sounds). I got some degrees in English and ran the OSU writing center and Writers Talk. Now, I help OSU instructors create online video and audio content. I have two wonderful kids. My hobby is finding interesting people and having them talk about creativity, aka, this blog.

Doug Dangler

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  1. Jos says:

    Hi Doug,

    After 18 months I heard your John Gorka interview about the ‘Bright side of Down’ songs. Thanks, it was a nice interview.

    I just edited for the John Gorka video webside on the Bright side of down page. http://www.johngorka.nl/00biography/biographymap/15_John-Gorka-2014_12th-solo-CD.htm (scroll down) and the ‘radiopage’ of the http://www.johngorka.nl webside. I hope you like it.

    Jos van Vliet from the Netherlands

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