Peter Mulvey: Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Sheboygan and Columbus

Peter MulveyPlaying over 100 dates every year, singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey travels almost constantly. Before his May 13 appearance with Six String Concert series he will play in Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Sheboygan, WI. What keeps him on the road and wanting to perform in front of crowds?

“Music is a mysterious thing. I’ve been doing it 100-120 nights a year and it remains mysterious. My favorite thing about music is that it happens in the air and that it is intangible,” Mulvey told me during our talk.

Equally mysterious is the creative process and the surprising ways that music gets produced. Take his latest recording session, which Mulvey describes as working with “a creative madman” who challenged Mulvey at every turn. It was “immensely stressful” but in the end produced great results for Mulvey. Listen in to hear how this seemingly mutually exclusive dynamic worked.

Bonus video footage! Check out the YouTube channel.



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