Happy Halloween 2018

It’s here again: Halloween, that time of year when Craft goes a little crazy and gives the world a variety of questionable stories and interviews. We cover all the greatest Halloween hits: cannibalism, zombies, serial killers, where to buy super science supplies, and the scariest of all – politics.

My thanks to great help from Sam Bloch, J. Randall Hicks, David Lindstedt, Bryce Meade, Cody McNulty, and Craft intern David Perfect.

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  • Aerosmith, Eat the Rich
  • Hall and Oates, Maneater
  • Loudon Wainwright, III, Graveyard (my YouTube tribute to this song)
  • John F Llewelyn, Birth of a Cemetery
  • Jonathan Coulton, Re: Your Brains
  • Warren Zevon, Werewolves of London
  • Bobbie Darren, Mack the Knife

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