Dr. Carolyn Bailey Lewis and Love and Loss: The Storied Nature of Nursing Home Care

In and out of care facilities for many years, Dr. Carolyn Bailey Lewis persevered and became director and general manager of OUB public media at Ohio University in Athens, where she served for 13 years as the first woman and first African American to lead this entity and the first woman to be emerita. While recovering in different health care facilities, she decided to write a book about her experiences and those around her, which became Love and Loss: The Storied Nature of Nursing Home Care. Listen in to hear her remarkable journey of healing and writing.

Over 26 years, I’ve been in six nursing homes and seven hospitals. In 1995, I had a spinal cord tumor that completely paralyzed me, so I had to learn how to walk [and] just about everything all over again.

Dr. Carolyn Bailey Lewis

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