Joy Clark: Lyrically welcoming her Guest

New Orleans singer-songwriter, lyrical guitarist, and composer Joy Clark will appear with Six String Concerts in Columbus on Friday, November 10th with guitarist and singer-songwriter Brooks Williams. I spoke with her about how she grew up playing music in church, her latest single “Guest,” and how she plays guitar lyrically.


Doug: Joy, what is a lyrical guitarist?

Joy Clark: That’s a good question. Thank you for having me first. The way I play is pretty melodic. And even if I’m soloing or playing something that’s not so singer-songwriter-esque, it’s still very lyrical. So the way I approach playing guitar is as if I’m playing and singing words, even if I’m not.

Doug: So what does mean on the finger level: are you just staying longer [on the strings]? You’re not playing staccato? And, I say this having very little musical ability, so I’m just curious. I’m always fascinated when I see somebody described that way and I’m like, man, I wish I knew what they meant.

Joy Clark: There are many approaches to playing guitar, but it just means I’m not only strumming, I’m picking out… This is a good question. This is hard to explain.

Doug: You’re strumming and picking.

Joy Clark: I’m strumming and picking, but in the absence of actual lyrics in the song, it sounds as if I’m playing lyrics.

For the rest of our interview, check out the link below, and then see Joy Clark on November 10.

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