Richard Shindell: The International Monetary Fund is a great basis for a song

Richard Shindell

Richard Shindell

“Living in Argentina, I’ve learned a lot about how the world works. You live in The States and a dollar’s a dollar,” says Richard Shindell. That’s not the case in other countries, where “the IMF, Moody’s and what they say about a country is important information for normal people.”

Shindell’s life and songwriting craft made up a large part of our discussion, but we also talked about what happens when he decides to change on the fly how a song is played on stage. Hint: it’s sometimes stressful for his band mates.

Shindell will bring his perceptive and conscious songwriting to Six String Concerts on April 4 and is part one of this week’s Craft Double Header on WCBE.

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5 Responses to Richard Shindell: The International Monetary Fund is a great basis for a song

  1. Vera mount says:

    I am probably days too late, but would love one of Richard’s CDs!!

  2. Rick Hlava says:

    Richards move certainly gave his music another dimension. I liked hearing about the mechanics of the band onstage. Can’t wait for the new album. Thanks!

  3. Jenny says:

    Very interesting. I love how he is able to change the tempo, style, yet I love the song the same, if not more at times. Richard is truly gifted. 🙂 Just saw him at the Tin Angel in Philly. Great show, as always!

  4. Nick says:

    Aloha Richard,
    We just moved to kauai last summer from watkinsglen ny , We sold our farm and most of our belongings , selling my tractor hurt the most. I have taken my family to see you perform 3 times , my 13 year old son still loves your music as well as daft punk. I am always promoting your music. I play your albums at my farm stand and if they don’t know you they ask “who is that ? such beautiful music . I can’t Waite for your new album. Have you heard William fitzimmons new album ? Chris Walla from death cab for cuti produced ,

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