This old guy talks to the creators of another Old Guy: Gabrielle C. Burton and Peri Gilpin

Along with her four sisters, Columbus, Ohio, resident Gabrielle C. Burton make up Five Sisters productions. Their recent YouTube release Old Guy features their late father Roger Burton as a man re-entering the acting field after having been away from it since the 1950s. His agent is played by Fraiser’s Peri Gilpin. Listen in to find out about The List that actors agree to with their agent.

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Connie Schultz’s move from reporting to fiction

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Connie Schultz published her first book Life Happens: And Other Unavoidable Truths, a collection of her columns for The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper in 2006. She followed this in 2007 with a book about accompanying her husband Sherrod Brown on his senate campaign, … and His Lovely Wife: A Memoir from the Woman Beside the Man. Now, she’s released her first book of fiction, The Daughters of Erietown, which Kirkus Reviews termed “A masterful debut novel.”

Connie Schultz

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CoronaVirus Update with Dr. Iahn Gonsenhauser from the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

I don’t normally post the transcript of my interviews, but this episode makes sense to have it available.

Doug Dangler
From a secret location in room 100 of 540 jack Gibbs Boulevard, this is Craft. I’m your host Doug Dangler. Dr. Iahn Gonsenhauser, chief quality and patient safety officer for the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, has been dealing extensively with the corona virus outbreak. Welcome to craft Dr. Gonsenhauser.

Iahn Gonsenhauser
Doug, thanks for having me. I’m really happy to be here to answer questions.

Doug Dangler
So what is the latest news on this virus that seems to be changing every day?

Iahn Gonsenhauser
Yeah, the news really changes on a day to day basis, even an hour to hour basis. I mean, we are constantly keeping tabs on what’s coming from the state level as well as just federally what’s changing. You know, the biggest news is the dramatic increase in the number of cases, which we’ve expected. There’s nothing that’s really jumping out and shocking us at this point. But certainly just keeping an eye on that rapid rise and really paying close attention to see if the measures that we’re taking right now we’re going to have that impact of flattening the

Doug Dangler
We’ve recently gone into as of yesterday, the stay at home order. I think that these things lag by a week or two, before you start seeing impact on it. Is that what you’re looking for in the future?

Iahn Gonsenhauser
Yeah, absolutely. So it’s really important for everybody listening and everybody that’s a part of this, to keep in mind that there’s a lag in testing results as they come back from the external agencies that we use the labs that we use to send these tests and get the results back from. They are so swamped with these tests that they’re running, you know, five to seven days behind. So this week, we’re going to start getting the results from all the testing that we did last week. You know, while we just are starting to stay at home order now, right after we’ve started that we’re going to probably see a big bump in cases. It doesn’t mean that stay at home is not working. It’s really just that lag of testing that’s now correlating with the stay at home order at the same time.

Doug Dangler
But you know, one of my friends is in the medical profession. How concerned are the people in the medical profession about themselves? They always seemed very selfless to me ,and you’re on the front lines. What sort of worries Have you heard?

Iahn Gonsenhauser
Yeah, I think we do a good job of internalizing and keeping private, just how anxious we all are. Certainly everybody that’s working at the front line–the the nurses, the physicians, the other providers and pharmacists, etc.–they’re all worried, right? They’re all concerned about their own exposure. Now, they’re paying attention to a lot of the data and a lot of literature that’s coming out of other countries that are a bit further along in this than we are. And what we’re finding is that the measures to keep healthcare workers protected seem to be working. We don’t see a very high proportion of healthcare workers that are actually becoming affected or infected by the virus. And so that’s really promising, but it doesn’t take away that concern.

Doug Dangler
You mentioned the testing. How does it look for the availability of testing in the state of Ohio or in Columbus? Are there more kits coming in?

Iahn Gonsenhauser
Yeah, I think in the face of national testing, shortages, and really lack of support or help that has made a big impact from from the federal government, we have kind of taken matters into our own hands. We’re really lucky here in central Ohio to have such a powerhouse of an organization as Ohio State University. There are so many resources, so many talents, so much intellect in this organization that we’ve managed to figure out how to manufacture our own test kits.

Doug Dangler
Oh, wow.

Iahn Gonsenhauser
We have availability to test as we need to now and the state of Ohio is actually in pretty good shape when it comes to testing availability because of similar efforts at the Cleveland Clinic as well as University of Cincinnati.

Doug Dangler
Well, that’s great news. I’m very pleased to hear that. I know early there was some advice about not using ibuprofen, for example, and then that seemed to change and then a nurse friend of mine said no, go back to acetaminophen if you have any symptoms. Don’t use ibuprofen. How is that being handled? And are there other things like that?

Iahn Gonsenhauser
Yeah. So the the ibuprofen issue came up from a single study that was an observational paper that was posted and published in The Lancet, I believe. If I’m remembering correctly, it was a French physician or lab that published, there may be some interaction of an enzyme in our body that’s impacted by ibuprofen that could potentially make the viral syndrome associated with Covid19. Worse, that has since been retracted. The World Health Organization and the CDC made initial statements based on the publication of that paper but they’ve retracted those statements as well. So as of right now, there’s no indication that ibuprofen is unsafe when it comes to Covid-19

Doug Dangler
Dr. Ian Gunson Hauser right. Thank you very much for talking to me today.

Iahn Gonsenhauser
Thanks so much for having me. I always enjoy the show.

Doug Dangler
For more information from my guests, visit This is Doug Dangler. Until next time, be creative and don’t forget to donate at during the fund drive

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Senator Sherrod Brown on Progressivism and the Worst US President

I am pleased to have spoken with Sherrod Brown, the senior United States Senator from Ohio. Brown started his political career in 1975, as an Ohio State Representative. He was the 47th Secretary of State of Ohio and the US Representative for Ohio’s 13th congressional district from 1993 to 2007. He has written three books: Congress from the Inside: Observations from the Majority and the Minority; Myths of Free Trade; Why American Trade Policy Has Failed; and most recently, Desk 88: Eight Progressive Senators Who Changed America. He will be appearing in Columbus with the Thurber House on November 17.

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Goose on the Loose: Catch it!

Members of Goose on the Loose, happening October 10-13 in Columbus Ohio, stop by to tell me about the festival that you need to attend.

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How a Super Scientist Helps a Superhero: Nadya Mason Rescues Paul Rudd (someday)

Nadya MasonWhile Ant-Man floats in the endless expanse of the Marvel Universe Quantum Realm, scientists like Professor Nadya Mason at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign work diligently to discover what the rules of quantum mechanics really are.

Professor Mason’s January 13 Science Sundays talk at Ohio State is titled “Going Through the Quantum Tunnel” and she “was inspired by several things in this talk.”

“One is that my own research is on quantum mechanical properties of materials and devices: how do electronics change when you consider quantum mechanics?” Mason explained. “The other proximate inspiration from my talk is that I saw the most recent Ant Man movie. In the movie, quantum mechanics plays a huge part. There’s a quantum tunnel, and they go into the quantum realm, and they can’t get back out. I thought it was really interesting.”

Join us for a discussion of what quantum mechanics is, how it can be used, and the mind-blowing relationships between atoms separated by large distances.

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A message to Dino Tripodis’s mother: He’s working!

Dino TripodisDino Tripodis started gracing Columbus radio nearly 25 years ago as part of the Dino and Stacy duo, and he’s transitioned to podcasting with Whiskey Business, more writing, and a return to stand up comedy. He dropped by WCBE recently to update me on his latest adventures.

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Paul M. Sutter Puts You in Your Place in the Universe

Paul M. SutterThe universe is endlessly vast and can seem incomprehensible. However, it’s not as incomprehensible as you might think. In his book Your Place in the Universe: Understanding Our Big, Messy Existence, astrophysicist Paul M. Sutter explains a lot about what we know of the universe. In my interview with him, we discuss the Big Bang, the Singularity, the Cosmic Web, dark matter and dark energy, and what the end of the universe might be like. So take a listen, and I hope your mind will be as blown as mine was.

-David Perfect

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Margaret Peterson Haddix and the Children of Exile

I find dystopian novels one of the most interesting forms of science fiction. From 1984 to Fahrenheit 451, authors have created futures that we fear may come to pass (if they haven’t already). Margaret Peterson Haddix is known for her juvenile and young adult series. In the Children of Exile series, she envisions a dystopian future that is still suitable for children. Join us for a discussion of Children of Jubilee, the final book in the series; her inspirations and writing process in making believable child characters; and why even children are interested in dystopian fiction. Just make sure that Big Brother isn’t listening as well.

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Spamalot comes to Columbus’s Palace Theater

Spamalot logo

Almost everyone has seen the hilarious comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail. From the Black Knight, the Taunting Frenchman, and the importance of knowing the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow, the film’s many funny moments have a place in the hearts of multiple generations. Eric Idle’s musical comedy Spamalot adapts the movie for the stage and plays Columbus this month.

Troy Bruchwalski plays The Black Knight and Sir Dennis Galahad, The Dashingly Handsome among others. We discuss some of differences between the play and film, how he prepared for his role, and what it is like to be in a traveling production of a Broadway musical.

Spamalot will be playing at the Palace Theatre from November 23 to 25.

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