C. F. Payne: Matching heads and bodies on a magazine cover near you

John Beacom

I enjoy talking to illustrators because I’m fascinated with how their brains are wired so differently from mine. I can draw a stick figure and a smiley face. Beyond that, my drawings look like a toddler accidentally got ahold of a pencil.

C.F. Payne has never had this problem. You’ve probably seen his illustrations on the covers of magazines like Time, MAD, the New York Times, and Reader’s Digest, among others. His latest is the illustration for the book Miss Mary Reporting. 

Listen in for his process when he gets an illustration commission and how the body in the illustration may or may not be that of the person he is drawing.

Too late I realized that I should have asked him to draw my head on Liam Hemsworth’s body.

CF Payne will be a guest at the 2017 Ohioana Book Festival on April 8th.

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