Carrie Newcomer: “It’s about how we process”

Carrie Newcomer has been touring and writing albums throughout her long career. But, like it did for all of us, COVID-19 disrupted her life completely: “I’ve toured a lot over the last years, and within a month and a half, I’d been home longer in a stretch than I had been in 30 years,” Newcomer says.

But that didn’t stop her from taking a journey, this time into the complexities of livestreamed performances. “I just started learning, and started learning about video production … how to do live production.”

Her learning will be put to great use on January 30 when she will livestream with Columbus’ Six String Concerts. As she explained, the move to livestreaming came from her sense of wanting to connect with her listeners:

How do I continue to put this music into the world, give the spirit that I most want to give in the world? [I knew] that it would be different: online performance is another animal. And I think sometimes people will just put up a camera, and it's like the same, but it's really not. I've done performances of my songs and created concerts and community events for years, and I would say recording, like recording albums, that's an animal. That's like apples. Live performance in person, that would be oranges: apples and oranges. But there's things that translate across, right, but they are different animals. And online performance is yet another animal, and it shares certain kinds of skills and abilities and, you know, spirit. But it's a different animal.

Check her different animal out on January 30 and report back with your comments on her performance. It’s sure to be well worth your time.

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