The Mystery of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew: Julie Rubini and Marilyn Greenwald

Hardy Boys on a bookshelf

Image by Nelson Kwok

Many of us grew up reading the Hardy Boys (me) or Nancy Drew, wondering who Franklin W. Dixon and Carolyn Keene were and how they could write so many books. Julie Rubini and Marilyn Greenwald had the same questions and did some sleuthing to learn more about these authors, ultimately discovering that although they were really productive, they weren’t real people. They were in fact a series of writers, starting with Leslie McFarlane and Millie Benson and their lives are explored in Greenwald’s  The Secret of the Hardy Boys: Leslie McFarlane and the Stratemeyer Syndicate and Rubini’s Missing Millie Benson: The Secret Case of the Nancy Drew Ghostwriter and Journalist.

Rubini and Greenwald will unveil the mysteries behind the authors on February 2 with the Thurber House.


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