Mindy McGinnis makes you want to drink deeply

Thirsty for a great interview? Mindy McGinnis, a young adult librarian, author, and active blogger, is a must-meet individual whose talent and comical personality make for one refreshing conversation.

In her two post-apocalyptic novels, Not a Drop to Drink and In a Handful of Dust, the world is faced with a shortage of water and owning it means killing to survive.

The Craft summer intern, Kayla, met with McGinnis at the 2014 Ohioana Book Festival to discuss what exactly makes water the blue gold of the world and where exactly that leaves makeup and UGG boots when fresh water is no longer in large supply. On her video blogs, McGinnis coaches her fans on how to dress for survival, telling girls that the closer they look like to guys, the better.

During her interview with Craft, McGinnis reveals who inspired her video blogs where, in some cases, she is seen feeding her book a bottle, and then a kitten,  and listing all the taboo topics (including rock and roll) that may or may not be in her novel. Her sense of humor leaves many of her fans baffled. To this McGinnis responds, “When I do panels and people watch my vlogs, they’re like, ‘You’re so funny, your Twitter feed is so funny, your blog is so funny, and your book is not funny.’ No, my book is not funny. My book is not funny, and it’s not meant to be funny.”

McGinnis hopes that one day, she gets around to publishing more of the pieces that reflect her humor, but fans can look forward to her gothic historical novel coming out in 2015.

You can check out her video blogs on writerwriterpantsonfire.blogspot.com, and you can listen to the full Craft interview.

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